Trade Settlement Procedures

Clients of cash deposit account should be deposited the sufficient cash amount into the following bank account of "JTI Securities Limited" before placing a buy order:

For Hong Kong Dollar Deposit

The Bank of East Asia 015-514-40-404589-6
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) 004-809-872328-001
Bank of China(Hong Kong) 024-787-231778-883
Hang Seng Bank 012-787-00044326
Bank of Communications(Hong Kong) 027-533-0-204187-8
ICBC (Asia) 072-869-502-00990-2

For Renminbi Deposit

Bank of China(Hong Kong) 012-787-06005983

Please sign on the copy of the bank pay-in slip with client's account number and account name quoted and fax it to the Settlement Department at (852) 2588 9000.

(Please do not draw cheque in favour of our staffs, AE and any other person in order to prevent from loss.)